Father’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Dad

Father’s Day is quickly approaching and if you still haven’t gotten the father figure(s) in your life a gift to show them just how much they mean to you – don’t worry! We have crafted a list of the top 5 gift bundles for every type of Dad that yours too will surely love. All you have to do is click the links to order below! 
1. For the traditionally classy Dad 
This kind of dad is all about sophistication. He goes to work in button-ups and suits and likes to enjoy the finer things in life like trying out a new up-scale restaurant or smoking a fat cigar. If your dad likes to keep things classy, then there is no doubt that he will love this set of 6 Sacramento Whiskey Glasses with a bottle of Arran Robert Burns Single Malt Scotch Whiskey. The glasses are crystal clear and are sturdy so it will be almost impossible to spill the precious liquid inside. These classic whiskey glasses will be sure to last him a lifetime. There is no doubt that he will be taking these glasses and scotch out for a spin that very same night and will be happy to know that you know him this well and chose the perfect gift for him. 

2. For the easygoing Dad 
Is your dad the most relaxed, happy-go-lucky person you know? Are you stuck on what to buy him because he always says that he doesn’t need anything? Even for the laid-back dad, we have the perfect Father’s Day gift for him. For his weekends off, he can enjoy a whiskey old fashion at home in these spill-proof Seattle Drinking Glasses. While he is relaxing in the backyard reading a book on Father’s Day, you can present him with a gift he surely will use and love. The Seattle Drinking Glasses are the perfect size for his favorite cocktail and are shaped in a curved style to enhance the flavors of any beverage you pour inside. To make this gift even more perfect, include the best old fashion mix out there so he can make his favorite drink from the comfort of his own home.  

4. For the fun Dad 
Have a dad that is literally the life of any party? This type of dad is always laughing and having a good time. He is soft-hearted and likes to try new things. For him, we recommend the Augusta Stemless Martini Glasses so he can enjoy his favorite cocktail in a classy, yet fun-designed glass. Whether his go to cocktail is a gin and tonic or a frozen grasshopper, this type of dad will love experimenting with all type of different recipes in these luxurious glasses. We recommend pairing these glasses with his favorite liquor so he can get to experimenting with the tons of cocktail recipes that the internet has right away!   

5. For the nostal
gic Dad

The nostalgic dad can be spotted easily by his antique collection and love for all things vintage. This dad loves to collect items that are special to him and very seldom buys something modern looking or new. For the nostalgic dad, there is nothing better to give him then a vintage, handmade coffee grinder for Father’s Day. To make it even better, try pairing this gift with a sample of coffee beans so he can use the coffee grinder to make the best coffee he has ever tasted. The nostalgic dad will be amazed that the grinder is not only antique and unique looking but that it is also fully functional.   

3. For the macho Dad 
The macho Dad, the strong, fix-it-himself type of Dad that rarely shows his soft side.  This type of dad is usually the hardest to shop for because he would much rather make everything himself than to receive a ready-made product. For him, we recommend a gift that will only assist him in his make-it-yourself mission: A set of Toledo Beer Glasses (hyperlink here). To top it off, add a variety pack of handcrafted local beers so he can try each one and discover the various flavors in crystal clear tall beer glasses. Your dad will definitely not say no to beer and will find the experience of drinking beer from a glass so much better than straight from the bottle. For the macho man in your life, this Father’s Day gift idea is definitely worth it.  

In just 5 categories, every type of dad out there has been covered and you are now all set to give the perfect Father’s Day present to the father-figure in your life. It’s not too late to give the perfect gift. If you order before Father’s Day, you can even get a 15% discount on the glassware mentioned above at www.crystaliausa.com. Lastly, don’t forget to tell your dad how special he is to you and how much he means to you. From all of us at Crystalia, Happy Father’s Day.  

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