Gift Guide 2022

Forty-two just-right gifts for everyone in your list—all in one place.

When it comes to gifting your loved ones, we listed the best gifts for every one of them. 

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors.

Oh, and FYI - prices are accurate and all of the items are in stock as of the time of publication. 

1) Tiffany Style Handmade Mosaic Lamp

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For those with a whimsical or exotic style, this Tiffany-style glass lamp would make a perfect gift. This lamp is handmade by skilled craftsmen and its light creates a cozy, relaxing, authentic, and niche atmosphere. Each lamp is hand-crafted by artisans that cut the glass and assemble the one-of-a-kind patterns. This lamp adds a fabulous ambiance when it is lit up, and it perfectly fits a bedside table, end table, or coffee table.

2) Black Pepper and Spice Grinder, Manual Pepper Mill with Handle

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Everyone loves the aroma of freshly ground spices in their cooking or to garnish a meal. Crystalia's Black Pepper and Spice Grinder is both decorative and functional. It is a handmade product that will bring an authentic feel to wherever you use or exhibit it. Its grinding mechanism is very durable and easy to use as well as easy to clean. The design of this grinder has a vintage feel and is truly a unique gift, they'll love using it as home decor as much as they will love its flawless grinding abilities.


3) Coffee Grinder, Copper Manual Coffee Mill

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For someone who loves to enjoy coffee on the go, there is this copper manual coffee grinder. No batteries, power, or long plastic cords are needed to operate your portable compact coffee grinder, allowing you to travel with it and brew freshly roasted ground coffee beans on your next camping, hiking, backpacking, or outdoor trip. No need to plug anything in, this hand-grinder will just need your strength to grind your beans for the ideal cup of coffee. The vintage style design is sure to impress the coffee connoisseur in your life.



4) RC Stunt Car with Remote Control 

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An RC Stunt Car that can be controlled by a remote or gravity-powered remote control watch. This ultra-fast toy can transform, go in every direction and do stunts. The stunt car shines with emitted colorful rays of light and music that will make your kid jump with joy.




A Hand Operated Mini Drone that uses infrared sensors to hover above your palm. This UFO drone has 4 powerful rotation motors built in to provide the power of 360° rotation flying. It is made of high-grade ABS material which is lightweight, flexible, and collision-resistant. This gift will amaze your child as it hovers around the room magically dodging objects.



A mini drone that can be controlled with a wristwatch. This drone can fit in the palm of your hand and is able to fly, tumble and spin around. Use the gravity sensor remote at your fingertips to control the direction of your drone. This drone is charged by USB for hours of play, so no need for batteries.

A flying motorcycle drone that is very easy to operate and user-friendly. With 6 gyroscopes this mini drone is stable and easy for kids to fly. Cool motorcycle-designed drone can do 360 spins as well as hover up and down. Its mini size is portable and convenient.

8) RC Transforming Excavator, Remote Control with Device and Bracelet Watch

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This RC Transforming Excavator transforms from a vehicle to a robot in a matter of seconds. With just a click on your gravity remote controller, the toy changes shape for hours of fun. Boost your child’s imagination with the many scenarios that can be played out with this toy.

This cute sweet container jar is ideal for cookies, candies, desserts, kitchen storage, or decorative purposes. It is durable and sturdy European-made high-quality glass. This jar would be a perfect addition to someone’s desk at work or at home to hold loose objects, Fill it up with candies, cookies, or pretzels at home or for a special event and your guests will be sure to enjoy it.

A bit more whimsical gift, this Crystalia Authentic Candy Serving Bowl is made with high-quality metal with an ornate design. This excellent swan-shaped serving dish is perfect for serving candies and chocolate.  The elegantly designed vintage-style candy bowl with a metal cover keeps the candy fresh and it comes with a cute gift spoon.

A traditional decorative ellipse delight bowl with a lid would make an elegant gift. This aesthetic dish can be used to hold small candies or Turkish delight to be served with Turkish coffee. It could also serve as a dish for small objects or jewelry. It is made with intricately designed food-safe metal.

This cool and stylish grape-shaped Wine Aerator and Decanter is a great gift for anyone that enjoys drinking wine. This magic top bottle pourer including a 180 cc decanter is designed with a unique and elegant style. Our decanting wine aerator is the ideal product to aerate and open up your wine for tannins and flavor. Just plug it into your wine bottle and start pouring wine into the glass for a more nuanced wine-drinking experience.

13) Fluffy Soft Cute Unicorn

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Who doesn’t love a cute, fluffy, soft unicorn? This adorable plush complete with rainbow mane and tail is sure to be well-loved by your child. Made with high-quality materials for long-lasting play time.

14) 3D Wooden Puzzle, Mini Music Box, DIY Model Kit
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This intricately detailed 3D music box puzzle works as a functional jewelry box that plays music. A fun project that doubles as a keepsake music box when finished. The laser-cut components are easily assembled with the instructions manual and everything needed for the project is included in the kit.



15) 3D Wooden Puzzle, Double Wing Aircraft, DIY Model Kit

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This 3D wooden aircraft puzzle is for the aviation fan in your life. 83 laser-cut parts fit perfectly together to create this beautiful model airplane. This puzzle is fun to build and doesn’t require any glue or tools. This model airplane provides hands-on learning for children or a relaxing project for adults.


16) 3D Wooden Puzzle, Magic Clock, DIY Model Kit

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This desk clock-shaped puzzle DIY kit is not only fun to build but makes a beautiful decoration when finished. Laser-cut puzzle pieces can be assembled without gluing or tools required. The precisely cut gears fit together and work like a real clock.

17) 3D Wooden Puzzle, Motorcycle, DIY Model Kit

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For the motorcycle lover, or someone that likes to build things this 3D wooden puzzle DIY kit would make a perfect gift. Laser-cut puzzle pieces can be assembled without gluing or tools required. Once finished, the motorcycle becomes a lovely decorative keepsake.

18) Matcha Bowl

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If you have a matcha enthusiast in your life this Chawa-Matcha bowl would make the perfect gift. It has a big mouth design that allows for easy mixing. Its aesthetic design is 100 percent handmade from quality lead-free glass. This bowl has an easy pour spout and fits in the palm of your hand for mess-free matcha whisking.

For someone that loves to cook authentic meals, there is the handmade ellipse-shaped Terracotta pan made with Terracotta from Europe. Its rustic appeal makes it a great addition to any kitchen or dinner table. With its glazed interior and unglazed exterior, it can be used in the oven and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

These Mini Leaf-Shaped Glass Bowls come in a set of 6 and can serve a variety of functions. The bowls can be used for serving sauces, dips, or snacks to guests, or for separating ingredients for meal prep. These super cute bowls are stackable and made from high-quality durable glass.

21) Curved Glass Bowls, Set of 6

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This set of Curved Glass Bowls is the ideal size for serving fruit, vegetables, nuts, dips, cookies, condiments, desserts, snacks, chips, salads, and more to your family and guests. They have a multifunctional stackable design that serves as a space-saving addition to your kitchen and meal preparation. This set of 6 mini bowls is made of European glass material, sturdy, thick, and durable, dishwasher safe, and easy to clean up.


22) Diamond Glass Bowls, Set of 4

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This diamond glass bowl set includes 4 bowls that are great for holding snacks or your favorite type of ice cream. Our bowls are the ideal size for serving fruit, vegetables, nuts, dips, cookies, condiments, desserts, snacks, chips, and salads to your family and guests. The diamond design on each bowl is sure to impress anyone and makes a great gift because of its many uses.

23) Pilsner Beer Glass, Set of 4

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This Tall-Footed Pilsner Glass set would make the perfect gift for the beer lover in your life. This glass boasts a slender and elegant tulip design, which is very comfortable to hold in your hand and can hold up to 14 ounces of beer. This drinkware features a reinforced rim, a sturdy design, and perfectly balanced proportions. The flared rim maintains a foamy head and allows for easy refilling while the slender shape preserves carbonation... Made of durable high-quality lead-free glass, not too thick yet strong enough to withstand daily washing.



Handmade from natural oils, botanicals, and flower seeds, these natural soaps are great for smelling with rose oil, lavender oil, and olive oil and make an excellent gift. This set of 3 soaps is very gentle on the skin and body and can even be used on the hair. The soaps come with a stylish wooden soap dish that adds a relaxing ambiance to the bathroom.

This ceramic essential oil diffuser includes a bottle of lavender essential oil and a pair of candles   The lavender oil burner is handmade from high-quality porcelain covered by a layer of glossy mineral glaze. The simple design and lavender scent are sure to promote a sense of calmness and wellness.

A set of two essential oils extracted from the lavender stems of the Mediterranean plains. Lavender oil is a natural mood booster and helps with anxiety, acne, sleepiness, and much more. This lavender oil is 100% pure and undiluted with maximal concentration.

These candles, with a light lavender scent. They are made of completely natural ingredients including soy oil, lavender oil, and coconut oil to preserve their natural quality. They come in a set of two beautiful pink ceramic candle holders.

28) I Love You Necklace - 925 Sterling Silver Necklace, 100 Languages Projection on Round Onyx Pendant, with Special Wooden Gift Box

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This magical necklace has a stone that when you look into it you can see the words “I love you” projected in 100 languages. Sterling silver heart-shaped pendant with a rose gold finish and adorned with crystals. This gift is perfect for someone that you want to express your love.

29) Planet Necklace - 925 Sterling Silver Necklace with Special Wooden Gift Box

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This sparkling sterling silver planet necklace comes adorned with crystals and has a rose gold finish. The Planet Saturn encourages you to never give up against hardship, and obstacles. This silver necklace really has a powerful message. A perfect gift for loved ones or for yourself.

30) Angel Wings Necklace - 925 Sterling Silver Necklace with Special Wooden Gift Box

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An angel wings necklace with the symbol of the archangel Michael and adorned with black crystals. This necklace is made from sterling silver with a rose gold finish. Its chain is super strong and adjustable. The angel symbol of this necklace dispels negative energy and helps the wearer spread positive energy.

31) Snowflake Necklace - 925 Sterling Silver Necklace with Special Wooden Gift Box

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A beautiful sterling silver snowflake necklace with a rose gold finish and blue ombre cubic zirconia stones. Snowflakes symbolize uniqueness. By gifting your loved one a snowflake necklace you can express how unique they are for you. This necklace is made from a quality, hypoallergenic materials and includes a wooden gift box.

This elegant Vintage-style coffee serving set is perfect for serving Turkish coffee, espresso, macchiato, Arabic coffee, Moroccan coffee, Greek coffee, or Armenian coffee. The authentic oriental patterned coffee presentation set is designed for 2 people and comes with everything you would need for an authentic Turkish coffee experience. This gift would be great for the person in your life that loves to drink exotic types of coffee.

33) Sacramento Whiskey Glasses, Set of 6

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The Sacramento whisky glass is a solid gift for the whisky lover in your life. It has a classic design made from lead-free clear glass. You can’t go wrong with gifting this set of  6 high-quality glasses.

34) Cincinnati Champagne Flutes, Set of 6

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For those who love to pop the champagne, this Cincinnati Champagne Flute Glasses Stemware set is a perfect gift. The classic flute style shows off the bubbles in the beverage. Don’t worry about hand washing because they clean up beautifully in the dishwasher.

35) Cleveland Red Wine Glasses, Set of 6

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A classic gift choice for wine lovers, the Cleveland Red Wine Glasses are ideal for any table setting from casual dinners to fun parties. These glasses can be used with your favorite wine of course but also unique cocktails, spritzers, or even delicious desserts. These barware glasses will fit anyone’s collection perfectly. Use your imagination with no limits.

36) Petite Creamer Pitcher, Set of 2

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This set of two cute creamer pitchers is petite and adorable. They have a variety of uses such as serving coffee creamers and hot or warmed contents, like hot maple syrup, drawn butter, au jus, sauces, and gravies. With so many uses they are a great multipurpose gift.

This fancy service tray can bring a little extra sparkle to anyone’s home. For a friend that loves to impress, get them this fancy tray that features a shiny ottoman-style design. The tray can be used for serving beverages, decorating, or arranging vanity essentials. This beautifully engraved tray is sure to be a memorable gift.

This handmade glass mug with a built-in cookie tray is truly adorable. On top of the mug sits a small wooden tray with a cute bird-adorned lid. This could be used to hold cookies or other snacks to be served with coffee. It is not only functional but unique and will enhance anyone’s coffee-drinking experience.

Simple but also elegant, this glass pitcher adds perfect sophistication to your kitchen table. Luxury design featuring a narrow neck that's an elegant way to showcase your favorite beverages. Perfect for water, milk, iced tea, lemonade, orange juice, any kind of drink, and even champagne. Its large 40 oz capacity makes it perfect for parties and special events. This makes a great gift for someone who loves to be a host.

40) Shot Glasses, Set of 6

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Perfect for serving tequila, cordial, whiskey, vodka, bourbon, liquor, cocktail, espresso, or mixed shots, these shot glasses are a great gift for someone who enjoys spirits. The solid base is virtually unbreakable, plus they're dishwasher safe.

41) Glass Ice Cream Bowls, Set of 4

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Who doesn’t love ice cream? Make eating ice cream at home a more fun experience with these ice cream bowls. Ideal to present a variety of desserts in style. These bowls are dishwasher and refrigerator safe and made from high-quality lead-free glass. Their 6 oz size is perfect for enjoying ice cream.

42) Terracotta Cooking Bowls, Set of 6 

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Give your loved ones this handmade terracotta pot set. Packaged in a gift-ready box, this set makes an excellent addition to any kitchen. Each mini bowl features beautiful colors. Glazed interior and unglazed exterior. Our product is made from high-quality clay that makes them long-lasting, strong, and durable.

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