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Glass Bowls, Set of 6


"We want to inspire your kitchens with our quality products at Crystalia."

  • MADE IN EUROPE: Our warehouses are located in California and New Jersey. Everything is shipped from within the U.S. Most of our products are sourced from European countries such as Italy, Bosnia and Turkey. Everything sold at our store is made in Europe.
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  • Details; Multi-Use Bowl Set of 6: These perfectly sized pinch bowls are not only great for measuring ingredients while cooking or baking, but can also serve as a trifle dish, salsa bowl, custard cup and salad dressing dish on the side to put out for your guests. Perfect to serve honey, jam, sweets, biscuits and fruits at home or at an event.
    Special Design: These clear sauce bowls tackle kitchen prep and tableside serving with clarity, practicality and, above all, stylish simplicity. Its clear design allows you to see exactly what you put into each bowl, avoiding confusion. Each mini bowl fits into your palm for convenient usage.
    Different ways to use pinch bowls: Condiment bowls are used to hold spices like cayenne pepper, salt, cinnamon, and others. Ingredient bowls also are often used to hold chopped vegetables, especially smaller ones like garlic, scallions, and ginger. Glass prep bowls are an aesthetic way to serve condiments. Olives, pickles, lemon wedges and other garnishes can be served nicely in pinch bowls.
    Borosilicate glass: Great small prep bowls for individual servings of things. Very durable, impact and chip resistant. Easy clean up in the dishwasher. Refrigerator Safe and Microwave Safe, Tempered or toughened glassware for maximum safety of food service professionals.
    Risk-free purchase, After the long and complicated shipping process, if the products you received are broken, please contact us ASAP. We guarantee to offer you a replacement. We believe in our packaging quality
  • Includes; Set of 6. Includes 6 Glass Bowls.
  • Packaging; We believe in our packaging quality! Each product is carefully packaged for trouble-free delivery.


  • Product Capacity
    Capacity of mini bowls: Capacity: 2 ¼ ounce
    Capacity of midi bowls: Capacity 7 ¼ ounce, 
  • Product Diameters
    Mini bowls: Height: 1.6 inches, Mouth Diameter: 2.75 Inch 
    Midi bowls: Height: 2.0 inches, Mouth Diameter: 4.25 Inch
  • Material: Lead-Free Clear Glass
  • Type of Manufacturing: Handmade

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Glass Bowls, Set of 6

Glass Bowls, Set of 6

7 1/4 oz
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