5 Common Types of Beer Glasses

When selecting a beer glass for a particular beer it is important to consider the shape of the glass in order to achieve perfect harmony with the type of beer, the aromas of the beer as well as an optimal pour. Although beer can be enjoyed in a variety of glasses, there are some benefits to matching the proper glassware with your preferred beer style. Different sizes and shapes of glasses can enhance different aspects of the beer such as aroma, appearance, carbonation and even temperature. The following common types of beer glasses can fit any beer drinker's preference and selecting the ideal glass is the key to making drinking a great beer an even better experience.



1) The Toledo Beer Glass is a classic tulip shape made with sturdy, durable, tempered glass that is guaranteed to remain shiny for the lifetime of the glass. This glass is perfect if you enjoy strong aromatic beers such as stouts, Saisons, Belgian beers and hoppy ales. The bulb shape of the glass allows the beer to be swirled, releasing the aroma and allowing the flavors of the beer to be enjoyed with every sip. This stemmed tulip glass is not only functional but attractive, it allows the beer to maintain a large head when poured and improves the physical appearance of the beer. The short stem of this glass allows it to be held without warming the beer, guaranteeing that each sip will be cold and refreshing.


2) In contrast with the tulip glass which is perfect for strong beers, a Pilsner glass is ideal for lighter beers such as a Pilsner, from which they get their name. The tapered shape of the glass ensures that the beer remains crisp and carbonated until the last sip. The broader top allows the beer to keep its head and brings the aromas to the top of the beer where they can be enjoyed. The Richmond Beer Glass is a durable, high-quality tempered glass in a sturdy, perfectly proportioned Pilsner design. This glass features a reinforced rim and glass that is not too thick but still strong enough to withstand daily use and washing.


3) Similar to the classic Pilsner design, the Tall-Footed Pilsner Glass boasts an elegant fluted tulip shape that is tall enough to hold up to 14 ounces of beer. The footed design provides superior stability to prevent spills and the lead-free glass is durable and high quality. Preferable for light and carbonated beer, this particular glass shape enhances the bubbles in the beer. With a narrow base that allows the bubbles to rise to the top and a wider mouth that creates a foamy head that brings out the beer's aroma. This classic glass design is the perfect choice for a variety of beers, from pale lagers to bubbly pilsners.


4) A classic design, the Miami Drinking Glass is a quality crafted tumbler glass that can hold 12oz of your favorite beer. The wide mouth allows for a beer head to form, enhancing the aromas of the beer. This type of glass pairs well with many types of beer like a classic pint glass and is a great, no-fuss glassware option. From light pilsners to strong ale this glass is a great choice for a classic pour. The ridged shape is comfortable to hold and prevents the glass from rolling off a surface if knocked over. This nostalgic design is made with durable lead-free glass and a thick reinforced bottom for enhanced stability


5) Another very common type of beer glass is the mug. Adapted from the traditional German beer steins, mugs are strong and sturdy and can be used for a wide range of beer types. These glasses feature a curved design and an ergonomically balanced handle. This type of glass is perfect for people who like to enjoy their beer cold as it can be held with the handle and therefore does not warm up the beer. The Dublin Irish Coffee Mug can hold a variety of beverages and can withstand both hot and cold temperatures. This mug is especially suitable to be chilled and served with an ice-cold beer. This particular glass has an elegant design and not only enhances the visual appeal of the beer but also the drinking experience. This versatile glass is constructed from lead-free sturdy glass and has a robust stem to prevent breakage.

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