How We Use Black Pepper Tree, The Herb That Accelerated The Age of Discovery, as Spice?

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  Being a fruit, pepper is one of the most widespread spice in the world. After the harvest, this fruit is processed and gets cured in various ways. Through these various ways of processing and curation, black, green, and white pepper is produced. Black pepper tree can reach the heights of 33 feet (10 meters). According to research Black pepper is used as spice and medical herb for over 4000 years. It was called “Black Gold” in the old times. The name “Black Gold” comes from its usage of paying taxes. Simply black pepper was so valuable it was used as a spice currency. As a commercial product all spices, especially black pepper, were important. The product was currency and gift for Europeans, sacred for Ancient Greek, and measurer of the wealth of a man in Middle Ages…

Black Pepper Tree  West India was the origin of black pepper. Historians stated that archaeologists found 3230 years old black pepper remnants in the nostrils of the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses the II. Even wars waged for black pepper from the ancient times to modern ages. Christopher Columbus discovered America in his pursuit of India for black pepper. Ferdinand Magellan and Vasco de Gama travelled for spices…

  The reason pepper is one of the most important spice is, the fruit was the ruler of the spice trade. Black pepper was carried by the merchants from Egypt to Middle East and the kingdoms around the Mediterranean carried it to Europe.  Before Alexander the Great’s conquest of Egypt, Arabic merchants sold the black pepper for a high – price by saying “It is too hard to reach this spice, the road to spice is dangerous and filled with dragons.” Due to the profitable nature of the black pepper Romans also sold it for a high – price. Because of this black pepper was used as currency in Europe for a period of time. (Where does black pepper come from? For more detailed information.)

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  There is a lot of food to be made with black pepper. Black pepper chick is the right choice for an easy and delicious meal. You can look at Ali Martin's recipe for black pepper chicken. Turmeric with black pepper are one of the healthy choices. Black pepper and turmeric are a powerful combination, according to Amy Goodson of “Both turmeric and black pepper have key active ingredients that contribute to their anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and disease-fighting qualities.” Amy Goodson. Black pepper with turmeric is a healthy combination.

  Is black pepper bad for you? Is black pepper good for you? or What are the health benefits of black pepper? The questions are too many because the subject is food and health. The benefits of spices and black pepper have been proven. However, good research is required in case you have allergies. Black pepper is a valuable spice due to its healthy nature and flavouring feature for food. There is a lot of research on black pepper benefitsAccording to experts, black pepper is a natural antibacterial and it regulates blood circulation. Black peppercorn can be contained for years in an unventilated storage box but the powder form of it is fugacious. Pepper in powder form loses its scent and taste in time. It is possible to say that packaged powdered black pepper loses its authentic properties. But the milled pepper does not lose its taste and scent. Milled black pepper is fresher and healthier. Milled black pepper should be consumed around 60 days. Full corns of black peppercorn are a sign of good pepper when purchasing. If the black pepper fruits harvested underripe they will become “green pepper”. If the black pepper fruits harvested when its ripe, redden and cured it become black pepper. If the black shell is peeled it becomes “white pepper”. In every form it is a delicious spice to flavour your food. The two most compared types of pepper are white pepper and black pepper. Black pepper vs white pepper: Black pepper is hotter, Black pepper lasts longer, White pepper for lighter, earthy dishes… Crystalia Black Pepper Grinder is produced with care and attention for healthy meals.  

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Ps.: Freshly milled pepper will add more flavour to your food when you add it after the food is cooked.

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