Food Safety and Glass

A healthy life that most people care about and that we all should care about is possible with food safety. The cause and solution of many diseases are foodborne. It is possible to encounter unpleasant situations when our basic needs, nutrition and healthy life are not taken seriously. Although its exactness has not been proven yet, even the starting point of COVID-19 disease was first interpreted as a nutrition. (Bat sample.)
If you remember, we started to hear nutritional advice more often during the pandemic process. Because the first point that determines how healthy we can be is always our nutritional. Of course, there are different influencers of a healthy life. However, do not forget nutrition is always in the first place for a quality life! In short, what we eat is very important.
According to one of the main messages of the Food and Agriculture Organization's publication titled Food Security and Nutrition Status in the World 2019; ''Considering all people in the world affected by moderate levels of food insecurity together with those who suffer from hunger, it is estimated that over 2 billion people do not have regular access to safe, nutritious and sufficient food, including 8 per cent of the population in North America and Europe.'' According to the same report, food security is more than hunger. Food safety is a set of measures against all kinds of harmful substances in foods. According to Crystalia; It is very important that the food and the things it contacts with should not contain any chemicals.  Food safety is in the first place in Crystalia's production understanding and there is no-toxic in its products, which are mostly made of glass.

Glass is Health!
Glass is a recyclable product. Recycling glass can be reused. One of the most important ways to protect our food and health is high quality and chemical-free glass products. Glass acts as a barrier against harmful bacteria. Scientific researchs have proven that glass is the right material for food safety. Why are the glassware with which we consume food & drink important? Because when food is placed in a product containing lead or other chemicals, food and beverages come into contact with these toxic substances. This contact will cause toxic substances to enter the food. The poisonous substances found in food will enter your body when you eat... These substances, especially lead, that enter your body can settle in your bones and stay with you for years. Being exposured to these toxic substances for once will not kill you, but constant exposure to the small amounts of these substances will decrease your health quality over time.
This will cause you to experience forgetfulness, depression, and mental and physical performance drops. Children are more affected by these substances because their bodies absorb them more. This can cause a lot of problems, from learning difficulties to permanent kidney damage. Cadmium is stored in the kidneys and liver. Studies show that exposure to cadmium causes learning difficulties. Think once again which kitchen product you put your food and drink into. Preserving food is protecting yourself. Crystalia promotes food security.  For the health of yourself and your loved ones, you can buy them a gift that promotes food safety. Exp healthy food glass storage containers, drinking glass sets...

Promote food safety!
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