Why Are Crystalia Wine Glasses Better?
Are you trying to find the right wine glasses for your home? Lets go through why you might want to check out Crystalia wine glasses.

  As most veteran wine drinkers know, you cannot truly appreciate a good wine without the proper glass. A good wine glass makes all the difference. It engages your senses and prevents outside factors from inhibiting your experience. But what makes a good wine glass? Let us walk you through the qualities of our Crystalia wine glasses. You will see that they are the optimal vessel for wine in your home. Keep reading to find out why.

 What does the production of a quality glass look like? Both glass and crystal are made by melting sand into a liquid. Some people are wary of crystal because it contains a higher concentration of minerals than glass does. This mineral is usually lead, which causes alarm amongst informed buyers
  You are probably wondering, is crystal glass safe? The answer is yes, as long as the manufacturer has taken special care to ensure consumer safety. Crystalia glasses are lead-free, as well as BPA-free. This is an intentional choice we made to be safer and more environmentally friendly. We wanted to steer clear of using single-use plastics to make our glasses. Our glassware is manufactured in Europe. Therefore, all of our products adhere to the continent's strict manufacturing guidelines.

  It also allows us to make glassware that is 100% safe for use. We take great care to ensure that all of our glasses are made with high-quality glass, and free of all toxic materials. Food safety is one of our top priorities, so we manufacture glasses that guarantee a safe and enjoyable wine-drinking experience.

  And now we come to one of the biggest concerns associated with wine glasses: durability. Many people see this thin and delicate stemware and think that it could not last very long. But that is where they are wrong. Crystalia wine glasses are designed to have a thick stem and bowl. This makes them durable and ensures a long lifespan out of your glassware set. Durability is a crucial aspect of wine glass design. Durable glasses are perfect for anything from a fancy party to a casual night around the house. Durability is especially appreciated in glasses that are moredelicate, like champagne flutes. This trait also means that Crystalia glasses are dishwasher safe. Be sure to rub off any lipstick or stains beforehand. Then space out the glasses so they don't knock into each other during the wash cycle. You'll never have to hand wash a wine glass again.

The term olfactory refers to your sense of smell. Scent is inextricably linked to taste and sight, which is what makes it such an important part of the wine-drinking experience. And did you know that your choice of drinking vessel can actually improve your olfactory interaction with a glass of wine?

Crystalia wine glasses are designed to preserve the aroma of the wine. For example, our Cleveland Stemmed Red Wine Glasses are the best accomplice you can have by your side when you open a bottle of your favorite red.

This is because they achieve a perfect split between the width of the bowl and the diameter of the rim. The bell-shaped width of the bowl allows the wine to come into contact with oxygen, releasing the deepest aromas of the wine.

Meanwhile, the slightly narrow lip funnels the scent up toward your nose. The perfectly sized lip will guide the wine with each sip to the parts of your mouth that can best appreciate the wine's flavor profile. This makes for a pleasurable wine-drinking experience.

  Uneven or off-kilter wine glasses obstruct your engagement with a glass of wine. Even a small imbalance can dampen the experience. That's why Crystalia wine glasses are made to achieve balance and perfect weight distribution. The thick stem means that you can hold it without needing to touch the bowl of the glass. Therefore, you avoid heating up your wine with the warmth of your hand. This expert weight distribution makes Crystalia glasses perfect for any of your favorite vintages. You can even get creative and use these glasses for delicious wine spritzers.

  Here at Crystalia, we know that wine glasses are more than vessels for a glass of wine. They are tools that should properly engage your senses and enhance your wine drinking experience. We believe that Crystalia wine glasses will make a superb addition to your home bar.

  Do you also enjoy other beverages and spirits? We have European-inspired glassware for all occasions. Click here to learn more.

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